MAXSUN motherboard

MAXSUN officially entered the motherboard market in 2007, after years of sharpening, MAXSUN motherboard has already won the recognition of many users by virtue of excellent product design and the advantages of upstream resources integration brings the cost-effective!

In 2008, the sales volume of MAXSUN card exceeded 250K, which was praised by the mainstream IT media.
In 2009, MAXSUN repeatedly challenged the overclocking record and got the unanimous endorsement of the players and the media.
In 2010, MAXSUN Pro Series motherboards were listed to further enrich the motherboard products Line;
2011 MAXSUN’s shipments have been ranked first in the country, becoming China’s mainland market, one of the hot board brands.

In addition, MAXSUN motherboard steadily forward at the same time also continue to introduce new product lines increasingly rich, dedicated to provide users with more excellent and reliable products.

At present, MAXSUN motherboard is divided into three series, including “Gaming PRO” series of high-end game player market, luxury materials, integration of various high-end technology, fully meet the game player’s demanding game environment; “Turbo” series is mainly for the network Optimized, equipped with Gigabit Ethernet, for the mainstream consumer market, both cost performance and stability; and MAXSUN series is oriented to the market, quality and cheap is the best interpretation of this series of products.

As a strategic co-brand of INTEL, NVIDIA and AMD in mainland China, MAXSUN board has always maintained close cooperation with suppliers to jointly develop the Chinese market, but also constantly expanding cooperation with other suppliers. MAXSUN always grasp the market trends and application needs, design concepts highlight the product personality, advocate and create a diversified, personalized application of space to meet the consumer pursuit of personalized products.¬†“Focus on quality, focus on excellence” is the relentless pursuit of MAXSUN!