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Category Archives: News & Info

G4560 cost-effective artifact we all understand, but with this artifact choose what motherboard is good? Today’s answer to this question may be updated, because MAXSUN Value Mini H110, MS-H110M full solid version, coming! MAXSUN MS-H110M full solid version is the latest value-added small plates Mingxu, the size of only 17×19.5CM, close to ITX, but the material is not […]

Intel’s seventh-generation CPU release has been almost six months. Because 7 generations of U still follow the LGA 1151 interface, which allows everyone on the motherboard , have more choices. The current mainstream choice is certainly 100 series and 200 series. So what is the difference between H110 and B250, the mainstay of these two series? Which one is better? MAXSUN […]

Have you tried, in order to upgrade the phone system, studied a few days to force himself into a cell phone? Not so tangled, good product + good technology make you second master! MAXSUN motherboard recently upgraded the new BIOS easy upgrade technology, simply set up, plug in the U disk can be done automatically, even the start […]

Toothpaste factory intel has released the new eight generations of motherboards in early October this year , this time intel even stitches are too lazy to change, directly modify the line, although the number of stitches and 7 generations, but the old CPU can not be lit on the new motherboard, which led to A lot of want […]

What quad-core value? There is no doubt that X4860K, this CPU uses a true quad-core design, and the high frequency, low price, so the overall cost is very high. With this CPU, more people choose MAXSUN MS-A68GT + solid version! MAXSUN MS-A68GT + is a premium value mATX small board, using all-solid black gold capacitors, Lotes plug-ins and other high-quality […]

MAXSUN BT1900 quad-core quad-core design with ultra-low power consumption, high integration and low prices became a generation of classic, but this product has now been eliminated, MAXSUN now brings everyone the latest architecture J3455Apollo quad-core, using Apollo Lake The new architecture, CPU and GPU fully upgraded, energy-efficient performance, is currently 430 yuan hot! MAXSUN MS-J3455Apollo […]